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Abigail Peugh – The Digital Product Bootcamp

The Digital Product Bootcamp by Abigail Peugh is a 5 month program that teaches you step-by-step how to create, market, and sell digital products for passive income. You’ll get training, templates, tech setup, and support to build a profitable online business.

Abigail Peugh – The Digital Product Bootcamp

What You Get

The Digital Product Bootcamp by Abigail Peugh is a comprehensive 5 month program that teaches you how to create and sell digital products to earn passive income.

The Program Includes:

  • 5 Months of Group Office Hours – Get your questions answered directly by Abigail during live group coaching calls.
  • 7 Pre-Recorded Training Modules – Step-by-step video trainings that walk you through the entire process of creating, marketing and selling digital products.
  • Email Templates – Swipe Abigail’s email templates that she uses to launch and sell her own products.
  • Peer Support Community – Connect with other bootcamp members for feedback and accountability.
  • Product Review Sessions – Submit your digital product for expert feedback from the group.
  • 7 Guest Expert Trainings – Learn from industry experts on topics like legal setup, sales copywriting, chatbots, branding, Facebook/Instagram ads, and sales tax.

Bonus Training Materials Include:

  • Digital Product Starter Kit
  • Instagram Growth for Sales
  • 6 Figure Launch Training

The 7 Training Modules Cover:

Module 1 – Legalities

  • Learn how to legally set up your business from a lawyer who specializes in digital products.
  • Protect yourself by structuring your business properly from the start.

Module 2 – Show Me the Money

  • How to research profitable digital product ideas.
  • Validate your idea by surveying your target audience.
  • Pick a digital product people want to buy.

Module 3 – Creating Your Masterpiece

  • Step-by-step process for creating different types of digital products.
  • Pricing strategies and packaging your offer.
  • Deliver an amazing product that customers rave about.

Module 4 – Where to Sell

  • Choosing the right platform to build your audience.
  • How to start building your community.
  • Convert followers into customers.

Module 5 – Freebie to Sales

  • Create a high-value freebie to attract subscribers.
  • Set up your email list and build a preorder waitlist.
  • Strategies for turning freebie takers into buyers.

Module 6 – Selling = Serving

  • Sell your products on social media without being salesy.
  • Grow and monetize an engaged following on Instagram and TikTok.

Module 7 – Launch, Baby, Launch

  • Set up a profitable pre-launch and product launch sequence.
  • Email campaigns that convert subscribers into launch buyers.
  • Post-launch evergreen funnels that keep sales coming in.

Tech Tutorials Include:

  • Setting up your online store with Teachable or Thinkific.
  • Building your email list on ConvertKit.
  • One-click upsell funnels that Abigail uses to maximize revenue.

Program Outcomes:

By the end of the 5 month bootcamp, you will have:

  • A high-value digital product created from scratch.
  • The tech setup to sell your product online.
  • An engaged email list of ideal customers.
  • Profitable social media channels driving sales.
  • Knowledge to continually improve and scale your business.

The Digital Product Bootcamp provides a clear roadmap to building a sustainable passive income stream through selling digital products. With Abigail’s expert guidance and proven systems, you can create products that serve your audience while earning income on autopilot.

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Abigail Peugh The Digital Product Bootcamp
Abigail Peugh – The Digital Product Bootcamp

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