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4D Copywriting Academy

The 4D Copywriting Academy is a comprehensive 90-day training program that provides 90 video lessons, daily assignments, graded feedback, swipe files, guides, and more to help you master copywriting and launch a lucrative career.

What You Get

90 On-Demand Copywriting Video Lessons

  • Easy-to-grasp tutorials you can watch repeatedly to improve your writing skills every day.
  • Valued at $970

12+ New Bonus Copywriting Resources

  • From the 4D Structure Dictionary to the 4D Avatar Guidebook, you’ll get extra copywriting perks as you progress every week.
  • Valued at $420

Graded Copywriting Assignments

  • Daily lessons that will be graded and reviewed so you can get constructive feedback in real-time.
  • Valued at $310

Private Copywriting Community

  • Exclusive Discord community with dedicated copywriters ready to help you out at every step of your journey.
  • Valued at $100

The Exclusive 4D Super Swipe File

  • A vast compilation of relevant copywriting pieces
  • Personal never before seen list of captivating “one-liners”
  • Easy-to-model pieces of copy in virtually every significant niche

AI Copywriting Master-Guide

  • How to turn ChatGPT into your idea-generating machine
  • Word-by-word prompts you can use to quickly refine your copy
  • How to simplify your copy and make it crystal clear even for illiterates

The 4D Structure Dictionary

  • 8 seamless “Micro-Structures” you can use to consistently write converting copy
  • How to know exactly what copy structures you should use every time
  • One-by-one examples of every effective structure in action

The Supreme Art Of Intrigue

  • Simply create neverending intrigue using 8 different methods
  • Keep people on the edge of their seat throughout your entire copy
  • Spark so much curiosity that your readers won’t be able to sleep at night

The 4D Breakdown Library

  • Full access to 54+ hours of extensive copywriting breakdowns
  • In-depth copy insights you can use to transform people’s lives
  • Overview of my exact thoughts while analyzing highly-effective copy

The Secrets Of Storytelling

  • How to shift people’s deep-rooted beliefs and worldviews
  • How to build lifelong trust even with haters, doubters, or skeptical people
  • How to warm up cold leads and get them ready to buy using compelling stories

The Power Of Persuasion

  • The 7-step proven process to unlock the power of persuasive copywriting
  • 150 power words you can insert in your copy to convert every impulse-buyer
  • The underlying subtext of copy you can leverage to subtly motivate people to buy

90 Day Academy Workbook

  • Dive deep into avatar-creation, structures, and all copywriting fundamentals
  • Learn how to use storytelling, persuasion and intrigue masterfully
  • Hone in on every essential form of copy that can get you paid

The 4D Avatar Guidebook

  • How to tap into the “Bullseye Mindset” to identify your avatar in under 5 minutes
  • The 5 limelight questions that will pop up vivid avatar descriptions in your head
  • The 2 prime research approaches you can take to break into your audience’s mind

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