You are currently viewing Umbrella – uSBO (Search Box Optimization)

Umbrella – uSBO (Search Box Optimization)

Umbrella – uSBO (Search Box Optimization) provides exclusive access to a unique Search Box Takeover solution for reselling at $207 wholesale per platform. It includes ready-to-use resources like client-getting training, a website, video, flyer, and case studies funnel. Participants also receive assistance from Master Salesperson Carl, partner certification, CRM for client management, and optional billing services.

Umbrella – uSBO (Search Box Optimization)

What You Get:

  • Exclusive right to resell pay per result Search Box Takeover for $207 wholesale per platform – access to this one of the kind solution in the market. There is nothing like this! 
  • Fulfillment DFY
  • Mega fast client getting training. How to find businesses already spending mega bucks on advertising and search
  • Master Salesperson Carl to help Members closing initial sales
  • Client getting Website + Video + flyer + case studies funnel
  • Partner Certification for 6 figure positioning
  • CRM to manage your clients (Invaluable)
  • Billing done for you if you want (invaluable)

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Umbrella – uSBO Search Box Optimization
Umbrella – uSBO (Search Box Optimization)

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