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Stefan Georgi – Genesis Membership is a premium copywriting course that provides comprehensive training, expert coaching, and a mastermind community to help copywriters rapidly improve their skills and earning potential. With proven client acquisition strategies and personalized feedback on your copy every week, Genesis aims to shortcut your path to becoming a high-income freelance copywriter.

Stefan Georgi’s Genesis Membership Course – A Comprehensive Review

Stefan Georgi’s Genesis Membership course is a premium coaching and training program designed to help copywriters rapidly improve their skills and build a thriving freelance business. With proven strategies and personal guidance from highly successful copywriters, Genesis aims to shortcut students’ path to copywriting mastery.

Overview of the Course

The Genesis Membership provides comprehensive copywriting training, actionable strategies for winning clients, and tailored feedback to advance members’ skills. Key components of the course include:

  • Proprietary ORACLE Feedback System: Members can submit their copy every week for review by expert copywriters. The feedback is targeted and constructive, ensuring writers make noticeable improvements each week.
  • Copy Accelerator Training Library: This extensive resource covers all types of copywriting, with hundreds of hours of lessons on value propositions, lead generation, sales letters, VSLs, emails, and more. The library is valued at over $100,000.
  • Skill Path Training: Focused training helps members gain specialized expertise in high-demand areas like email, Facebook ads, or long-form sales letter writing. This supports them in offering premium services.
  • Weekly Coaching Calls: Experts share proven tactics on acquiring clients, optimizing funnels, and building a freelance business during weekly coaching calls. Members get personalized roadmaps for their goals.
  • Community of Seasoned Copywriters: Networking with 6 and 7-figure freelance copywriters provides invaluable mentorship and accountability for reaching higher income levels.

What You Get from the Genesis Membership

The Genesis Membership course delivers immense value through its comprehensive curriculum and high-touch coaching. Specific benefits include:

1. Access Proven Copywriting Strategies

Members can model the outreach templates, funnels, and client acquisition tactics used by successful freelance copywriters. This shortcuts the learning curve substantially compared to figuring things out alone.

2. Personalized Coaching & Feedback

With weekly copy reviews and individualized roadmaps, Stefan and his team provide tailored guidance for maximum growth. You get the specific tools and training you need to accelerate your skills.

3. Build In-Demand Expertise

The focused Skill Path training establishes members as specialists in lucrative copywriting niches like long-form, Facebook ads, or high-ticket offers. This attracts premium clients.

4. Thrive as a Freelancer

Tactics for winning clients, pricing services, and structuring your business empower members to smoothly transition into a thriving freelance copywriting career.

5. Network with Top Copywriters

Connections made within the group provide both mentorship and peer accountability as members strive towards 5 and 6-figure freelance incomes.

6. Avoid Overwhelm & Burnout

The structured learning paths, weekly training calls, and coaching make consistent progress inevitable. Members avoid wasting time or burning out like solo learners often do.

Key Components of the Genesis Membership Course

The Genesis Membership training is delivered through a blended learning approach. Major components include:

Weekly Coaching Calls

  • Monday Gospels Call: Foundation copywriting training to establish core skills.
  • Freelancer Revelations Call: Strategies for winning clients and building a business as a freelance copywriter.
  • Genesis Specials Call: Advanced copywriting tactics and occasional hotseat workshops.

ORACLE Feedback System

  • Submit Copy Weekly: Members can submit drafts of any type of copy for expert review.
  • Get Targeted Feedback: Reviews highlight areas for improvement and provide precise recommendations to quickly advance skills.
  • Track Progress Over Time: Members can monitor their growth in a dashboard that shows feedback history.

Training Library

  • Copy Accelerator Vault: 3+ years of past trainings covering all kinds of copywriting.
  • Copy Chief Academy: Stefan’s core copywriting curriculum with 40+ lessons.
  • Skill Path Courses: Specialized study paths for high-income niche skills like VSLs.

Community & Networking

  • Private Member Forum: Connect with other copywriters at all skill levels to share experiences.
  • Contests & Leaderboards: Motivational tools leverage peer accountability to spur progress.
  • Success Stories: Exposure to members already earning 5 and 6 figures provides inspiration and proof it works.
  • Freelancer Mastermind: Brainstorm ideas, troubleshoot roadblocks, and find collaborators in this group coaching program.

Personalized Roadmaps

  • 1 on 1 Coaching: Schedule time with Stefan or his team to discuss your goals and get advice.
  • Customized Plans: Stefan helps map out personalized plans to move each member’s skills and income to the next level.

Genesis Membership Pricing & Payment Plans

The full Genesis Membership course currently costs $3,500 when paid upfront.

Installment payment plans are also available to provide more flexibility:

  • 2 Payments of $1,997
  • 3 Monthly Payments of $1,233
  • 6 Monthly Payments of $658

All payment options come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Is Genesis Membership Worth the Investment?

With over $100,000 worth of training, high-touch coaching, and access to a thriving community, Genesis Membership delivers immense value.

However, the $3,500 price tag can feel steep. The installment plans help, but not everyone has room in their budget right now.

So is joining Stefan’s flagship program worth it?

It depends on your goals and current situation.

For already successful copywriters earning $10k+ per month, Genesis can make sense as business investment to level up skills and access mastermind-level networks.

But if you’re just getting started or making less than $5k/month from copywriting currently, Genesis may be too big of an investment until your income grows. Stefan’s free training provides fantastic foundations until you’re ready for paid programs.

However, Genesis tends to be best suited for copywriters who:

  • Are already writing professionally and need to expand skills/services.
  • Can invest $2,000+ without financial strain.
  • Wish to shorten their learning curve substantially.
  • Desire expert coaching and feedback.
  • Want to build connections with elite copywriters.

Casual hobbyists or brand new copywriters may be better off mastering free resources before considering Genesis.

Alternatives to Genesis Membership

For copywriters not ready to invest $3,500+ upfront, here are some alternative options:

  • Stefan’s Free Training: His YouTube channel and email newsletter offer tons of great content on copywriting fundamentals.
  • Copy Chief’s Free Courses: Short courses on freelancing, VSLs, and core skills. Upsells to paid programs too.
  • AWAI Courses: Renowned curriculums like the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting provide comprehensive training for ~$2,000.
  • Direct Response Academy: Budget online courses on copywriting, split-testing, andConversion strategies. Memberships from $99-$299/mo.
  • The Copywriter Club: Paid community with courses, templates, and weekly accountability. Memberships from $59-$159/mo.

While Genesis Membership remains the gold standard due to Stefan’s reputation and results, more affordable options can still provide immense value. Just be wary of super cheap courses making big promises.

Final Recommendation

The Genesis Membership stands out as one of the most comprehensive copywriting training programs available today. Although the price is significant, it reflects the enormous value delivered.

For copywriters seriously committed to reaching 5-6 figure freelancing incomes, Genesis provides the proven frameworks, expert guidance, and high-caliber connections needed to get there faster.

However, more affordable coursesfocused on core skills can still offer big wins if investing $3k+ isn’t feasible right now. Consistent practice and seeking client projects to apply your skills remains key either way.

Stefan’s free content and paid courses outside of Genesis provide great options until you’re ready to dive into his flagship program.

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