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SpotGamma Academy offers a versatile range of options trading courses to accommodate traders at various levels of expertise. The Junior Trader course is tailored for beginners, imparting foundational knowledge about call and put options, pricing variables, intrinsic versus time value, and understanding options chains. Advanced traders can explore the Senior Trader program, delving into topics like Greek evaluation, Delta hedging, implied volatility, and projecting options’ value under different market scenarios. For seasoned traders, the Portfolio Manager course covers portfolio optimization, term structure interpretation, volatility skew analysis, second-order Greeks, and advanced trading strategies. These courses collectively provide a comprehensive education in options trading, fostering growth and proficiency across the trading spectrum.

SpotGamma Academy

SpotGamma Academy

  • Junior Trader
  • Senior Trader
  • Portfolio Manager

Junior Trader

Junior traders execute simple options trades and understand the basic principals of how option premium behaves


  • Analyze call and put options profit profiles
  • Understand the variables that determine an options price
  • Differentiate between intrinsic and time value
  • Read an options chain and compare pricing of different strikes and maturities

Senior Trader

Senior traders convert ideas into positions and quantify risk-reward of options positions by evaluating the impacts of all the Greeks


  • Evaluate each of the key Greeks and their role in risk management
  • Appreciate the role market-makers have on stock price movement through Delta hedging
  • Differentiate between realized and implied volatility and the Greeks associated with each
  • Apply multi-dimensional scenarios to spot price, time, and volatility to project the path of an options value

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Managers generate original ideas, optimize implementation and manage risk


  • Interpret the shape of the term structure
  • Understand forward implied volatility and how it applies to VIX futures
  • Assess volatility skew, why it exists and how it informs you about tail risk in a certain asset
  • Understand second order Greeks including Vanna and Charm and the impact they have on markets due to dealer positioning
  • Implement new trading strategies including spreads, ratios and butterflies
  • Trade volatility and skew via straddles and collars
  • Identify and trade gamma squeezes before and after the fact

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SpotGamma Academy
SpotGamma Academy

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