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Bretty Curry (Smart Marketer) - Smart Google Traffic

Bretty Curry (Smart Marketer) – Smart Google Traffic

The Bretty Curry (Smart Marketer) – Smart Google Traffic course teaches how to leverage all of Google’s advertising options – including search, display, shopping, YouTube, Performance Max, and Gmail ads – to implement full funnel marketing campaigns that drive traffic, leads, and sales across the entire customer journey. This comprehensive training provides detailed tutorials for launching profitable Google campaigns.

Get More Traffic and Sales with Smart Google Ads

Google ads are a powerful way to grow your business and get in front of motivated buyers across the entire customer journey. This comprehensive course from Brett Curry of Smart Marketer teaches you how to leverage the wide reach of Google ads to drive more traffic, leads, and sales for any business.

Why Google Ads?

With over 3.5 billion searches per day, Google drives massive amounts of intent-driven traffic that converts at high rates. Here are some key advantages of Google ads:

  • Massive reach: Google indexes the entire web and gets over 5.6 billion searches per day. You can access 97% of internet users with Google ads.
  • More sales: On average, businesses see a 10-15% increase in sales from adding Google ads. The highly targeted traffic converts at higher rates.
  • New Audiences: Expand beyond your existing channels by reaching new audiences open to your messaging.
  • Diversification: Reduce dependency on any one platform like Facebook and protect yourself from algorithm changes.

6 Powerful Google Ad Channels

This course teaches you how to leverage all of Google’s advertising options:

  • Search Ads: Appear above organic results for keywords people search related to your business. Great for bottom-funnel sales.
  • Display Ads: Show up beside content people read online. Perfect for brand awareness and upper-funnel targeting.
  • Shopping Ads: Highly visual ads ideal for ecommerce products. Can help you rank #1 for your products.
  • YouTube Ads: Engage billions of viewers and drive traffic to your site. One of the top scales channels today.
  • Performance Max: Combines all Google channels into one optimized campaign driven by AI. The future of Google ads.
  • Gmail Ads: Get your emails directly into the inboxes of over 1 billion Gmail users. Costs a fraction of other ads.

Full Funnel Marketing

A key concept in this course is using Google ads for full funnel marketing:

  • Bottom Funnel: Optimize for direct on-site conversions with search, shopping, and gmail ads.
  • Middle Funnel: Attract qualified traffic with YouTube and Performance Max.
  • Top Funnel: Build awareness and reach new audiences with display and discovery ads.

This full funnel approach allows you to turn cold traffic into customers and scale campaigns through the entire customer journey.

Step-by-Step Campaign Creation

The course provides detailed tutorials on setting up and optimizing campaigns across every Google channel:

  • Campaign structure and settings
  • Bidding strategies
  • Audience targeting
  • Ad creation (copy, headlines, images)
  • Landing page optimization
  • Analytics and tracking

You’ll come away with a clear blueprint for launching profitable campaigns on Google for your unique business.

Additional Benefits

The Smart Google Ads course also includes:

  • $796 in Bonuses: YouTube Kickstart and Performance Max Blueprint courses.
  • Lifetime Access: Free updates and new training materials added over time.
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee: Get a full refund within 30 days if not satisfied.
  • No Experience Needed: Step-by-step instructions work for any skill level.
  • For All Business Types: Strategies apply beyond just ecommerce stores.

Start Driving More Traffic Today

If you want to tap into the power of Google to get your business in front of motivated buyers, Smart Google Ads is the ultimate course for implementing profitable Google campaigns. The wide reach, detailed targeting, and variety of ad formats available on Google can help any business drive more traffic, leads, and sales.

This comprehensive course will teach you how to effectively leverage every Google channel – search, display, shopping, YouTube, Performance Max, and Gmail – to market your business across the entire customer journey. You’ll come away with the skills to diversify your traffic sources, expand your reach, and ultimately grow your business.

Bretty Curry


First and foremost, Brett’s passion is helping eCommerce companies grow their businesses through creative marketing efforts.

And as the CEO of OMG Commerce, Brett has played a key role in scaling some of the fastest-growing eCommerce companies today — like BOOM! by Cindy Joseph, Native deodorant, and Smarty Pants vitamins — with $100 million in yearly ad spend and 108 active clients.

He’s a repeat presenter at top industry events like Traffic & Conversion Summit, IRCE, eCommerce All-Stars, Content & Commerce, SMMW, and MDMC. Brett is also the author of The Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping, and he hosts the eCommerce Evolution, a podcast centered on accelerating growth for eCommerce.

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Bretty Curry Smart Marketer Smart Google Traffic
Bretty Curry (Smart Marketer) – Smart Google Traffic

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