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Savage Seller – Amazon Product Research

Savage Seller – Amazon Product Research

Savage Seller – Amazon Product Research course is designed to help you excel in the ecommerce market by teaching you strategies to dominate your competition. It covers the fundamentals of finding profitable products, including determining sales, using tools like Jungle Scout, and calculating profit margins. You’ll also learn various research methods to discover potential products, such as exploring categories, analyzing trends, and leveraging Amazon’s data. The course guides you in analyzing your market through patent checks, avoiding seasonality, and tracking competitors’ sales. Additionally, it provides insights on bundling products, capitalizing on customer reviews, and developing a workflow for success. Overall, this course equips you with the knowledge and tools to stand out in the ecommerce industry.

Savage Seller – Amazon Product Research

Course Description:

Don’t just compete, Dominate!

What You Get:

Fundamentals of Finding Products

  • Welcome! (2:48)
  • What Tools Do I Need? (16:50)
  • The Fundamentals of Determining Sales (10:28)
  • How to Use Jungle Scout (13:25)
  • How to Read Sales and Price History Graphs (8:25)
  • Criteria Checklist (14:21)
  • Go Against The Masses (7:27)
  • How to Calculate Profit Margin (12:56)

Research Methods

  • My Favorite Product Research Method (14:19)
  • Hunting Down Products in Categories (12:11)
  • How to Find Related Products (9:11)
  • Unique Ways to Use The Web App (19:06)
  • Using Amazons Own Data to Find Products (9:15)
  • Finding Product Ideas on The New Releases List (6:52)
  • Finding Products Using Niche Hunter (9:24)
  • How to Capitalize on Other Countries Trends (8:59)
  • Finding Products Using Trend Sites (8:39)
  • Finding Products in Everyday Life (4:58)
  • Finding Products by Typing on Amazon (6:27)
  • Using Amazon Basics to Find Products (10:10)
  • Finding Products Editing Amazons URL (14:29)
  • Include Keyword Method (3:29)
  • Using Keyword Scout to Find Products (4:51)

Analyzing Your Market

  • Checking Patents (5:33)
  • Avoiding Seasonality (6:04)
  • How to Check Search Demand (5:45)
  • How to Innovate Using Competitors Bad Reviews (7:39)
  • How to Analyze a Product Market (18:15)
  • How to Track Competitors Sales (3:43)
  • How to Figure Out Fulfillment Fees for a Potential Product (5:34)
  • How to Bundle Products (4:44)
  • How to Find Bundling Ideas (4:50)
  • Examples of Bad Products (8:21)
  • Example of a Good Product (9:14)
  • How to Crush it, My Exact Workflow. (8:17)

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Savage Seller – Amazon Product Research

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