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Ryan Daniel Moran – Million Dollar Brands

Ryan Daniel Moran – Million Dollar Brandscourse provides a proven formula for building a successful physical products business potentially worth millions. Through 10 video modules, action guides, a private community, and a $25k business grant initiative, it gives you a step-by-step method to identify your niche, choose profitable products, launch your brand, and scale your business. By taking action on the training, you can make your dream of launching a profitable business a reality.

Ryan Daniel Moran – Million Dollar Brands

What You Get

The Million Dollar Brands course provides a step-by-step method for building a successful physical products business worth millions.

10 Video Modules

The core of the course consists of 10 video modules that walk you through the key concepts and strategies:

  • Module 1 – The “12 Months to $1 Million” Formula
    • Learn the difference between a product and a brand
    • Discover emerging market trends
    • Find the ideal funding “sweet spot” for new businesses
  • Module 2 – Why Physical Product Brands Are Selling For 8 & 9 Figures
    • The “7 Figure Formula” for building a $1M business in 12 months
    • Why you want competition in your market
    • How to gauge customer responsiveness
  • Module 3 – The Hottest Markets
    • Focus on your ideal niche, not the whole world
    • Use social media for free market research
    • Look internally for breakthrough ideas
  • Module 4 – Choosing Your Niche
    • Identify your audience’s wants and needs
    • Create a “gateway product” to attract new customers
    • Find quality white-label products to brand
  • Module 5 – YOUR Hero’s Journey + Getting To $1M In 12 Months
    • Eliminate fears and limitations
    • Get influencers to promote your launch
    • Use customer reviews to boost sales
  • Module 6 – What You Need To Know About Your Target Audience
    • Launch with an “good enough” product
    • Learn to communicate effectively with suppliers and manufacturers
    • Choose a compelling brand name and identity
  • Module 7 – The Proven Strategy For Choosing Profitable Products
    • Choose products likely to succeed for a new business
    • Leverage online marketplaces for instant traffic
    • Understand the most important product metric
  • Module 8 – Questions & Answers
    • Adopt a “brand” mindset in all areas of life
    • Leverage your behind-the-scenes work for your brand story
    • Avoid common newbie questions
  • Module 9 – How To Scale (Even With A Tiny Budget)
    • Leverage email marketing to build relationships
    • Find joint venture partners
    • Use paid advertising judiciously
  • Module 10 – Next Steps
    • Opportunities for MDB graduates
    • Recommended books for entrepreneurial mindset
    • Create accountability for ongoing progress

Action Guides and Worksheets

Each module comes with an Action Guide containing worksheets, key points, and questions to guide you in applying the concepts. This ensures you take action and implement the training.

Private Online Community

You get lifetime access to the online community to connect with other entrepreneurs, build your business, and grow your wealth.

$25k Business Ignitor Initiative

For doing the work and submitting your business idea, you get a chance to win a $5k business grant from the Capitalism Fund’s $25k Business Ignitor Initiative.

Overall, the course provides a proven business formula and community to help you successfully build a physical products brand potentially worth millions. By taking action on the training, you can launch your dream business.

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Ryan Daniel Moran – Million Dollar Brands
Ryan Daniel Moran – Million Dollar Brands

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