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Rich Schefren & Jay Abraham – 5-Day AI Campaign Sprint

Rich Schefren & Jay Abraham – 5-Day AI Campaign Sprint course provides marketers and entrepreneurs with an end-to-end AI-powered marketing campaign in just 5 days. Experts teach proven formulas to leverage cutting-edge AI for accelerated campaign creation and optimization.

Rich Schefren, Jay Abraham – 5-Day AI Campaign Sprint Course Review

The “Rich Schefren, Jay Abraham – 5-Day AI Campaign Sprint” course promises to provide entrepreneurs and marketers with a complete AI-powered marketing campaign in just 5 days. The course is led by internet marketing experts Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham, and brings together a team of specialists in AI, copywriting, design, and video production.

Overview of the Course

The 5-day sprint is structured as follows:

Day 1 – Research with Sam Woods

  • Learn campaign strategy development leveraging AI
  • Receive an AI conversion & calculation report
  • Sam has 10+ years experience in AI and marketing

Day 2 – Long Copy with Jon Benson

  • Get long-form sales page or video script
  • Created using “Ethical Persuasion” methods
  • Jon has generated millions in revenue for clients

Day 3 – Short Copy with Matt Rizvi

  • Get short copy for emails, ads, etc.
  • Proven to convert at very high rates
  • Matt is an expert in email marketing and copywriting

Day 4 – Visuals with Mars Burden

  • Produce all graphics and buttons
  • Mars founded a top online product launch team
  • Create a full AI marketing campaign very rapidly

Day 5 – Audio/Video with Joshua Xu

  • Generate AI audio and video avatars
  • Just type prompts and AI generates content
  • Joshua grew his AI company 1000% in 6 months

What You Get from the Course

The key benefits of the course include:

  • Complete AI-powered marketing campaign – All the elements you need to launch a high-converting campaign in just 5 days
  • Expert guidance – Training from leaders in AI, copywriting, design, video, and product launches
  • AI conversion optimization – AI tools provide data-driven campaign optimization
  • Proven formulas – Methods that have generated millions for top marketers
  • Time savings – Create in days/weeks what used to take months
  • Cutting-edge AI – Leverage latest AI to create content, visuals, audio & video

The course delivers an end-to-end AI-powered marketing campaign far faster than would be possible manually. The experts teach their proven formulas and leverage cutting-edge AI to optimize conversions.

Review of the Course Instructors

The course brings together specialists in each area of marketing and AI:

  • Sam Woods – AI and campaign strategy expert. 10+ years in AI and marketing.
  • Jon Benson – Legendary long-form copywriter. Creator of “Ethical Persuasion.”
  • Matt Rizvi – Email marketing and short copy expert. Very high conversion rates.
  • Mars Burden – Founder of top online product launch team. AI visual production.
  • Joshua Xu – CEO who grew his AI company 1000% in 6 months. Bleeding-edge AI.

This is an impressive line-up of experts in the fields of copywriting, design, AI, and product launches. The specialists have consistently generated high-converting campaigns and huge revenues for clients.

Key Takeaways from the Course

Some of the key lessons from the course:

  • Leverage AI for research, strategy, and optimization – AI provides data-driven insights not possible manually. Use AI to research markets, identify opportunities, develop strategies, write copy, and optimize campaigns.
  • Focus on relevance, benefits, and transformation – Effective copy connects emotionally with the reader by focusing on their desires for relevant solutions, aspirational benefits, and transformative outcomes.
  • Use ethical persuasion techniques – Build trust and rapport with the reader by being transparent, providing massive value, and acting in their best interest. Avoid hype and manipulation.
  • Retain attention with visual variety – Use images, info-graphics, diagrams, screenshots, and videos to capture attention, break up text, and explain concepts visually.
  • Automate using AI copywriting and voice/video – Leverage AI tools to automate content creation. AI can generate infinite personalized copy, audio, and video.
  • Rapidly compile using proven formulas – The experts provide proven copywriting, design, and campaign formulas that work. Re-use and optimize these frameworks.
  • Launch quickly using agile sprints – Take an iterative approach with rapid sprints to quickly launch campaigns and products using AI and automation.


The “Rich Schefren, Jay Abraham – 5-Day AI Campaign Sprint” course provides an accelerated pathway to launching high-converting marketing campaigns through proven formulas and cutting-edge AI. It can save entrepreneurs and marketers months of work through rapid agile sprints.

The combined expertise in the course is impressive, covering AI-optimization, persuasive copywriting, high-converting design, and product launch strategies. The key lessons focus on leveraging AI for automation and optimization, while retaining human creativity and emotional connection.

This course is highly recommended for any marketer looking to leverage AI to launch campaigns, products, and companies faster and with higher conversion rates. The exponential gains in speed and performance unlocked by AI make this course extremely valuable.

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