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Perry Belcher – AI Summit 2023

Perry Belcher – AI Summit

Perry Belcher – AI Summit is a three-day event led by Perry Belcher, an experienced online marketer. The summit focuses on the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics and how entrepreneurs can leverage these technologies to gain a competitive edge in their businesses. Participants will learn about the latest AI tools and their potential applications, such as ChatGPT, which is continually improving its knowledge base. The summit also covers robotic process automation (RPA), which involves soft robots capable of performing tasks faster and with fewer errors than humans. Additionally, participants will explore the benefits of no-code and low-code software development, making it easier to build software applications. The summit concludes with a discussion on how technology-enabled outsourcing can amplify productivity by utilizing the power of AI and automation. Overall, this course equips entrepreneurs with the knowledge and strategies to embrace emerging technologies and build profitable business models.

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Perry Belcher – AI Summit

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