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Notion x Finance PRO

Notion x Finance PRO categorized under “Personal Finance Management,” helps users set up a financial management system within Notion. It allows you to create a virtual bank vault, define balances, track daily transactions, and categorize expenses. The course covers areas such as investments, tax tracking, savings, and debt management. Users can access detailed reports and have a clear overview of their finances, making it a valuable tool for managing personal finances effectively. Additionally, a Pro version is available, offering advanced features for stock and crypto investors.

Notion x Finance PRO


Bank Account: create your bank vault inside Notion. Define a balance and start tracking your daily transactions. With the PRO version, you can add as many accounts as you want (Please note: you will never directly connect your real bank account to Notion, in any case, for privacy and security policies).

Transactions: a general database for all the transactions. But not a simple list of things you bought or sold. Categorize everything in order to analyze over time how much you spend per category and understand if you have to decrease some expenses.

Investments: a template entirely dedicated to storing your investment transactions. Create a logbook of your past investments and track how they perform. You don’t have to remember everything, just put your investment analysis inside this template. Update it and review it whenever you want.

Reports: every transaction will be auto-sorted and grouped to create a new page every month and year. Inside this page, there’s a report displaying all the entries and expenses so you can have a financial overview of what you did in that period.

Taxes & debt: track the payment of all your taxes and debt over time. Schedule payments in advance in order to anticipate money needs and become financially free as soon as possible.

Savings: reduce useless expenses and save money for your wish list or for future investments.

A clear view of your recent transactions.

Immediately check your latest expenses, income, and investments. Everything is grouped by bank account so you can easily have a clear view of everything with a look.

Savings, Debt, Cards, and Investments.

Check the progress of your savings, debt repayment, card transactions, and investments directly from the dashboard. The card section categorizes every transaction you make by card in order to identify which service you use the most and unsubscribe from those you don’t use anymore. Inside every section, there’s everything related to the section itself.

Subscriptions and Taxes

Subscription and tax sections automatically refresh themselves directly on the dashboard, allowing you to see which subscription is active, how much it costs, and when you have to renew the payment (plus more information, see below). Same for the taxes. You can also set notifications to be warned when a payment is going to occur soon.


What’s included:

✔︎ Set budgets & goals

✔︎ Log expenses & incomes

✔︎ Credit Cards Manager

✔︎ Investments Manager

✔︎ Tax & Debts Manager

✔︎ Wish list / Jar boxes

✔︎ Free lifetime updates


✔︎ User Guide

✔︎ Video Guide

✔︎ 30 + automation

✔︎ 25 + pre-compiled Templates

Are you a Stock or Crypto investor? Get Notion x Finance PRO

Multiple dynamic stocks dashboards will show you an overview of all your investments, so you can easily follow market trends directly from Notion.

Don’t waste time switching between your broker and your portfolio.

Choose the assets to follow directly from Trading View to create the best experience for you. An inline database allows you to track all your trading positions.

(A tutorial to create your own dashboard in a few simple steps is included)

Pro version:


✔︎ Auto-generate Reports

✔︎ Crypto TradingView dashboard

✔︎ Stock TradingView dashboard

✔︎ Multiple Accounts

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