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Mark Cloutier – Micro Content Mastery

Mark Cloutier’s Micro Content Mastery course teaches how to make money by efficiently producing short viral videos for clients. The comprehensive training covers lead generation, sales, production, editing, distribution, and more. You get access to a community, templates, swipe files, and all future course updates.

Mark Cloutier – Micro Content Mastery

What You Get

Micro Content Mastery

In this module, you’ll learn the fundamentals of creating short-form video content, also known as micro content. This includes understanding the different formats of micro content, like TikToks, Reels, and Shorts. You’ll also learn how to identify trends and topics that perform well as micro content.

Micro Content Lead Generation & Sales Mastery

Learn strategies for getting inbound leads and identifying ideal clients through micro content. This module covers targeting specific clients, networking, and sales tactics to convert micro content leads into paying clients.

Micro Content Proposal Mastery

Get step-by-step guidance on creating proposals that convert prospects into long-term clients. Learn how to structure your offers, set proper expectations, and close micro content deals even without in-person meetings.

Micro Content Scripting Mastery

Master the process of scripting effective micro content. This module provides examples and templates for writing compelling scripts tailored to different niches and clients.

Micro Content Production Mastery

Learn how to efficiently film a high volume of micro content videos in a short timeframe. You’ll get tips on planning shoots, setting up equipment, directing talent, and shooting strategies to add value for your clients.

Micro Content Post-Production Mastery

Get the skills to create professional looking edits that drive engagement and growth. This module covers editing techniques, graphics, effects, transitions, text, and more to make shareable micro content.

Micro Content Distribution Mastery

Learn best practices for getting your clients’ videos viewed and shared. This module covers optimizing social media profiles, scheduling content, using relevant hashtags/sounds, and analytics.

Micro Content Pre-Production Mastery

How to properly plan and set expectations before creating micro content. This module covers planning shoot dates, locations, shot lists, equipment, and aligning with your clients’ goals.

Unlimited Support, Feedback, & Collaboration

Get access to a private online community for collaboration, accountability, and feedback. Share your work and get input from instructors and other students.

Business Development Partners

Get access to vetted partners that can help with taxes, legal, insurance, retirement, investments, and other business services.

Viral & Trending Content Mastery

Learn how to leverage Instagram sounds, hashtags, and editing styles that are popular on TikTok and other platforms. Keep your content relevant in the ever-changing social media landscape.

A Value Packed No B.S Community

Join a private Facebook group of over 1,000 like-minded video content creators. Participate in weekly workshops, sales roleplays, strategy sessions, and meetups.

A Proven & Tested List Of Micro Content Ideas

Get a swipe file of over 100 tried and tested micro content video ideas for real estate agents and other niches.

Live Trainings & Sales Roleplays

Get live interactive training and practice pitching and closing deals through sales roleplay sessions with other group members.

Access To ALL Future Content And More!

Get lifetime access to the course as well as any new modules, videos, or other content added in the future. Stay up-to-date as the course evolves.

The course was created by video production company Brand With Video, founded by a group of entrepreneurs who successfully built their business around micro content. Their proven framework is designed to help you gain clients and make a sustainable full-time income producing short form video content.

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Mark Cloutier Micro Content Mastery
Mark Cloutier - Micro Content Mastery

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