You are currently viewing Kevin King – Billion Dollar Seller Summit 8 Puerto Rico 2023 (Group Buy)

Kevin King – Billion Dollar Seller Summit 8 Puerto Rico 2023 (Group Buy)

The “Kevin King – Billion Dollar Seller Summit 8 Puerto Rico 2023” is an intensive e-commerce masterclass that offers advanced strategies for dominating the online retail landscape. Led by Kevin King, participants will learn valuable techniques such as decoding Amazon’s ranking algorithm, harnessing big data for PPC success, and engaging with their audience effectively. The summit also covers topics like successful product launches, optimizing supply chains, and increasing cash flow. Participants will gain insights into avoiding common mistakes made by established sellers and building a strong brand presence. Join this event to unlock your potential as a thriving billion-dollar seller in the highly competitive world of online retail.

Kevin King – Billion Dollar Seller Summit 8 Puerto Rico 2023

What You Learn:

  • SOLVED:  Decoding Amazon’s Ranking Algorithm – Step by Step to Dominate your niche
  • How to Use Search Query data to Build a Ranking File, even for products you haven’t launched
  • How to use Google’s BigData Warehouse and Google Looker Studio to visualize and crush it with PPC
  • An AI Reality Check for Entreprenuers and how to take advantage
  • Incredibly easy way to find management level contractors (HACK contest winner)
  • Understanding how Amazon scores your listing and what recently changed that you must do now
  • How to check full keyword density on competitor listings
  • How to do Amazon posts impression stacking automation
  • How to get A+ premium content when you only have a few skus (or even 1)
  • A completely TOS compliant way to remove negative reviews
  • How the Art of Packaging can add Millions to your bottom line
  • How to double your cashflow with this supply chain strategy
  • How to properly measure Ominchannel marketing
  • 44 Step Super Advanced Amazon Product Launch Guide
  • How to put several more million dollars into your pocket when you exit, and also after you exit
  • Optimizing listing images for the A9, Google SEO and unconventional tools for validating keywords
  • What does brand really mean and why
  • Keyword CVR, distribution and external traffic
  • Top 7 mistakes Big Amazon Sellers make and how to avoid them to make bank
  • The cash conversion cycle and why it matters
  • The best 6 hacks guaranteed to boost your Amazon business in 2023 (WINNER)
  • Optimizing item packaging for e-commerce (huge money saving tips)
  • Why your Amazon business will faail you – and why this strategy won’t
  • The BEST way to build, own and engage your audience to crush it

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