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Jordan Richardson – AI ChatBot Pro

“Jordan Richardson’s AI ChatBot Pro includes a full course on training chatbots for client support, with a focus on lead generation. The course provides practical knowledge on integrating the bot with Zapier and other platforms via webhooks. The package comes with a ready-to-launch app license, community access, priority email support, and the opportunity for 1:1 coaching at a discounted rate. Get the full suite to launch AI-driven chatbots quickly and effectively, enhancing client support and lead generation.”

Jordan Richardson – AI ChatBot Pro


  • I’ll show you how to train the bot on your client’s knowledge & FAQs, and answer exactly like a better version of their current support rep.
  • The bot will be laser-focused on generating leads for your client.
  • The bot will auto-magically send leads off to Zapier or anywhere else (via webhook) so the possibilities with this are kinda endless.
  • This isn’t just a course… I’m providing the full app license, too, so you can launch today, and learn tomorrow.

 1 Full AI Chatbot Pro Course

1 Ready-to-launch app license

Community & Networking

Priority Email Support

50% Off 1:1 Coaching

Attend Live Sessions

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Jordan Richardson AI ChatBot Pro
Jordan Richardson - AI ChatBot Pro

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