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Jeff Baker – Baker SEO Course

Jeff Baker SEO course teaches the core 5% of strategies that drive 95% of results, so you gain proficiency in just 30 days without learning complex techniques. This focused training shows you how to create data-driven content that outranks competitors, understand searcher intent, develop content strategies, learn key reporting insights, and focus only on current technical ranking factors.

What You Get

The SEO training from Jeff Baker teaches you the 5% of SEO that creates 95% of results. This course focuses on the most effective SEO strategies that deliver real results without needing to be an expert.

Learn Smart SEO, Not Hard SEO

Most SEO training courses teach complex, outdated techniques that require extensive expertise. This course is different – it teaches simple, proven SEO strategies that work for any website.

The core strategies you’ll learn:

  • Data-Led Content Creation: Use data to create comprehensive content that outranks competitors.
  • Keyword Research: Discover the precise keywords your audience uses that you can rank for.
  • Understanding Searcher Intent: Learn to create content in the formats/media your audience wants.
  • Content Marketing Strategy: Develop SEO-focused content strategies that get results.
  • Reporting & Insights: Understand the key reports and how to gain insights from them.
  • Technical SEO Basics: Focus only on the technical factors that currently impact rankings.

These techniques have generated real results for Jeff’s students:

  • 875% increase in page 1 keywords
  • 722% more blog traffic
  • 468% increase in leads

SEO Proficiency in 30 Days

This course teaches only the essential 5% of SEO that delivers 95% of results. That means you can gain proficiency quickly without getting overwhelmed.

Jeff’s Promise:

You will feel proficient at “smart SEO” within 30 days of finishing this course. If not, Jeff will work with you directly until you become proficient.

The streamlined approach cuts through complex, outdated SEO techniques. You’ll learn actionable strategies to start ranking higher and driving results.

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Jeff Baker – Baker SEO Course
Jeff Baker – Baker SEO Course

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