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Jason White – The Federal Code Government Contracting

Jason White – The Federal Code Government Contracting

The Jason White – Federal Code Government Contracting course teaches people with no prior experience how to secure lucrative government contracts. Through 9 comprehensive modules, students learn the step-by-step process for setting up a contracting business, finding opportunities, submitting winning proposals, onboarding staff, and getting paid. The $2,997 course includes bonuses and 12 weeks of live coaching calls with Jason White.

Jason White – The Federal Code Government Contracting Course Review

The Jason White – The Federal Code Government Contracting course teaches people how to earn income through government contracting. The course is designed and taught by Jason White, who claims to have over 35 active government contracts worth millions of dollars.

Overview of the Course

The sales page makes big promises about the potential to earn life-changing wealth through government contracting. It claims that anyone can do it, even with no experience or qualifications.

The course teaches you:

  • How the government contracting process works
  • How to find contracting opportunities
  • How to submit winning proposals
  • How to find and work with subcontractors
  • How to set up your business structure
  • How to get paid

There are 9 course modules:

  1. The Unbreakable Rules
  2. Foundations & Rules
  3. Working Without a Business License
  4. Tax Write-Offs & Business Credit
  5. Getting Started (The Easy Way)
  6. Time To Bid!
  7. What To Do After You WIN!
  8. How To GET PAID!
  9. Weekly Calls with Jason White

Bonus materials include:

  • Cheat code guide
  • 7 step ebook
  • Private Facebook group access
  • 4 private coaching calls

The course costs $2,997 and includes 3 months of weekly training calls with Jason.

Who is the Course for?

This course is targeted at people who want to earn additional income through government contracting. The sales page claims it can help you:

  • Quit your 9-5 job
  • Gain financial freedom
  • Create generational wealth

It states that no prior experience is necessary.

What You Get with the Course

9 Course Modules

The course is broken into 9 modules that cover the entire process step-by-step:

  1. The Unbreakable Rules: Foundations and rules for getting started
  2. Getting Started: How to set up your SAM registration and business structure
  3. Time to Bid: Writing proposals and pricing bids
  4. What to Do After You Win: Managing your contracts
  5. How to Get Paid: Setting up payment systems and invoicing

Bonus Materials

You also get bonus guides, trainings, and other resources:

  • Cheat Code Guide: Condensed steps for the entire process
  • 7 Step Ebook: Checklist version of the course
  • Private Facebook Group: Connect with other students
  • 4 Coaching Calls: Get individualized help

Weekly Training Calls

The course includes 12 weeks of live training calls with Jason White. This allows you to ask questions and get feedback.

Jason White – Course Instructor

The course is taught by Jason White, who claims to be an expert in winning government contracts.

According to the sales page, Jason has:

  • Secured over 35 active government contracts
  • Contracts with multiple federal agencies
  • Ongoing contracts worth millions per year

He shares the system he used to go from no experience to securing high-value contracts.

Course Breakdown

Here is an overview of what is covered in each module:

Module 1: The Unbreakable Rules

This module covers the foundations and rules for getting started with government contracting:

  • Overview of the industry
  • Logistics and operations
  • Compliance requirements
  • Strategies for success

Module 2: Getting Started (The Easy Way)

Learn how to set up your business operations:

  • Registering on
  • Establishing your business structure
  • Understanding NAICS codes
  • Finding and contacting subcontractors

Module 3: Time To Bid!

This module teaches you how to find opportunities and submit winning proposals:

  • How to identify relevant solicitations
  • Crafting proposals that win
  • Pricing models and formulas
  • Submitting and following up on bids

Module 4: What To Do After You WIN!

Learn how to manage your contracts successfully once you win them:

  • How to onboard and manage staff
  • Building relationships with contract specialists
  • Managing operations and communications
  • Growth and scaling

Module 5: How To GET PAID!

This covers the logistics of getting paid for your contracts:

  • Setting up payment systems and accounts
  • Invoicing procedures and requirements
  • Managing cash flow

Module 6: Weekly Calls with Jason White

Get live coaching and accountability from Jason White during 12 weeks of training calls.

What You Need to Succeed with This Course

The sales page claims no experience is required. However, there are a few things that will help:

  • Motivation: You need to be willing to put in consistent work over 3+ months. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.
  • Learning ability: You should be able to understand business and financial concepts taught in the course.
  • Internet access: Materials are delivered online so you need a computer and internet.
  • Working capital: You need some money upfront for registrations, etc. Exact amount is not stated.
  • Time investment: Plan on devoting at least 5 hours per week to your contracting business.


The full price of the course is listed as $23,597 for:

  • Course material
  • Bonuses
  • 12 weeks of coaching calls
  • Private group access

It is currently discounted to $2,997 one-time payment.

Payment plans may also be available by contacting the company.

Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive training: Covers the full process from start to getting paid
  • Ongoing support: 12 weeks of live coaching calls
  • Reputable instructor: Jason White seems experienced
  • Bonuses: Cheat sheets and ebooks with action steps
  • Active community: Connect with other students


  • No guarantees: Income relies entirely on you successfully bidding and winning contracts
  • Upfront costs: Need working capital for registrations, etc.
  • Time commitment: Requires 5+ hours per week
  • No credentials: Jason White does not list specific credentials
  • Misleading claims: Statements about easy wealth seem exaggerated


The Jason White – The Federal Code Government Contracting course provides a comprehensive system for winning government contracts. It could be a good fit if you are motivated to put in the time and have a budget to get started.

However, be wary of exaggerated income claims on the sales page. Like any business, results require consistent effort over an extended period.

For the right person, though, the detailed training and support in this course could provide the knowledge needed to build a lucrative contracting business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about the course:

Is any prior experience required?

No, the course is designed for beginners. No prior contracting or business experience is required.

What is the time commitment?

You need to be able to devote at least 5 hours per week to reviewing materials, implementing steps, and managing your business.

What are the costs besides the course price?

You will need working capital for things like registrations, website, etc. The exact amount is not listed.

How much money can I make?

Income potential depends entirely on your ability to win contracts. There are no guarantees stated.

Can I speak with Jason White before purchasing?

You can request a call, but it is unlikely as he is selling a high volume of courses.

How long until I get my first contract?

It depends on your work effort. But it typically takes 6+ months to win your first contract.

Is a course like this sufficient or is a college degree better?

The course teaches specialized skills not covered in college curriculums. But a degree shows credentials.

Can I get access to course materials without doing the coaching calls?

No, the videos and materials are only accessible as part of the full program.

What happens after the 12 weeks of coaching calls?

You maintain full lifetime access to the course materials. But live coaching calls end.

Can I get a refund if the course doesn’t work for me?

Refund policies are not stated. You would have to inquire with customer service before purchasing.

Tables and Lists

Payment and Pricing Details

Full course value$23,597
Course price$2,997
Payment plansAvailable, contact for details

Module Names and Descriptions

The Unbreakable RulesFoundations and rules for getting started
Getting StartedSetting up your business operations
Time To BidFinding opportunities and submitting winning proposals
What To Do After You WinManaging your contracts successfully
How To Get PaidGetting paid for your contracts
Weekly Calls with Jason White12 weeks of live coaching calls

Bonuses Included

  • Cheat code guide
  • 7 step ebook
  • Private Facebook group access
  • 4 private coaching calls

Steps to Win Your First Contract

  1. Complete course materials
  2. Set up your business structure
  3. Register on government contractor websites
  4. Identify relevant opportunities
  5. Find qualified subcontractors
  6. Submit high-quality proposals
  7. Follow up and negotiate details
  8. Onboard staff and manage operations
  9. Submit invoices per contract terms

Pros of the Course

  • Comprehensive training
  • Ongoing support
  • Reputable instructor
  • Bonus materials
  • Active community

Cons of the Course

  • No success guarantees
  • Requires upfront capital
  • Time commitment needed
  • No verifiable credentials
  • Misleading income claims

Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!

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Jason White – The Federal Code Government Contracting
Jason White – The Federal Code Government Contracting

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