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Igor Kheifets – Email Farming System

Igor Kheifets – Email Farming System

Igor Kheifets – Email Farming System course provides comprehensive training for launching profitable email marketing campaigns. Through step-by-step video lessons and a 30-day action challenge, students gain hands-on experience building their first high-converting email funnel from scratch. Igor’s enthusiastic teaching and real-world case studies make this course highly practical for beginners looking to master email marketing.

Igor Kheifets’ Email Farming System Course Review


Igor Kheifets’ Email Farming System course teaches students how to build a profitable email list and generate passive income through email marketing campaigns. The core of the course is a 30-day challenge that takes students step-by-step through launching their first high-converting email campaign.

Key components of the course include:

  • 30-Day Email Farming Challenge
  • Done-for-you email templates
  • Step-by-step video training modules
  • Case studies of high-revenue email campaigns
  • Rolodex of pre-vetted monetization streams
  • 24/7 email support from Igor’s team

Detailed Review

What’s Included in the Course

The Email Farming System course includes the following components:

  • 30-Day Email Farming Challenge – This is the core module that walks students through launching a profitable email campaign from start to finish over 30 days. Each day has a new task and video tutorial.
  • Done-for-You Income Streams Rolodex – A curated list of affiliate programs, sponsorships, ad networks and other monetization sources vetted by Igor for their profitability and reliability. Makes it easy for students to pick profitable offers to promote.
  • e-Automation Quick-Start Guide – Step-by-step instructions for setting up automation to handle repetitive tasks like sending broadcasts, onboarding subscribers, etc.
  • Fill-in-the-Blanks e-Letters – Professionally crafted email templates that can be customized for students’ niche. Includes lead magnet giveaway, broadcast, affiliate promo, and other template types.
  • “Passive Income Machine” Training – Core training on generating passive revenue through email marketing. Covers list building strategies, conversion optimization, automation, and scaling a business through outsourcing.
  • Igor’s e-Farm Fertilizer Sources – Curated media sources, article directories, tools, and more for finding content to build emails quickly.
  • Done-for-You e-Farm – A turnkey email funnel and campaign that students can deploy immediately. Allows them to get hands-on without building from scratch.

Fast Action Bonuses

Students who purchase Email Farming System through Igor’s time-limited launch period also gain access to these bonus modules:

  • Advanced e-Farming – Expanded training on advanced email marketing strategies not covered in core course.
  • 1-Click Done-for-You e-Farm – Fully functioning done-for-you email business that can be launched in 1 click.
  • How to Build Your First 10,000 Person e-Farm Fast – Case study and strategic roadmap for quickly growing a large subscriber base.
  • Free e-Farming Campaign Critique – Igor will personally review and critique students’ email campaigns and provide feedback and suggestions.
  • e-Farm Profits Multiplier Site – Premade monetized website for promoting students’ email list and offers.
  • 6-Step Advanced e-Farming Checklist
  • $100K e-Farming Campaign Case Study
  • e-Farming Promo-in-a-Box System
  • Private Done-for-You Income Streams
  • 7 Most Profitable e-Campaigns

Course Structure

The Email Farming System course uses the following structure to take students from beginner to advanced:

  • Pre-training – Videos explaining core concepts and mindset principles around email marketing and “farming” for passive income.
  • 30-Day Challenge – Step-by-step launch blueprint for a profitable funnel. Assignments each day leading to a live campaign.
  • Advanced Training – Expanded tactics for automation, conversion optimization, advanced monetization.
  • Case Studies – In-depth looks at real-world examples of high-revenue email campaigns. Reverse engineering success.
  • Bonuses & Templates – Done-for-you packages, swipe files, cheat sheets and more.

The course focuses on taking action alongside the lessons so students build hands-on experience and have a live email campaign bringing in revenue by the end.

Teaching Style

Igor Kheifets has an energetic and enthusiastic teaching style. He clearly explains concepts and techniques step-by-step using concise video tutorials.

His teaching is rooted in real-world experience – he shares examples and case studies from his own successful email campaigns. This gives him more credibility.

The course is well-structured to take students from beginner to advanced. More complex topics are broken into smaller pieces so as not to overwhelm.

Igor talks “with” you, not “at” you. He anticipates potential questions and objections. He is upbeat and motivational.

What I Liked

Here are some of the things I liked most about Igor Kheifets’ Email Farming System course:

  • Practical, action-oriented training – The focus is on taking action alongside the lessons by building out a live email campaign. This leads to real results.
  • Easy to understand – Igor breaks down complex topics into bite-sized video lessons that are easy to absorb. Beginner-friendly.
  • Motivational – Igor has an encouraging teaching style. He gets you excited about the potential of email marketing.
  • Real-world case studies – Concrete examples and profit numbers from real email campaigns make the training feel authentic.
  • Done-for-you templates – Thorough swipe files allow you to deploy campaigns faster.
  • 30-day roadmap – Having a day-by-day plan removes the “analysis paralysis” and gets you launched faster.
  • Active community – The private member forum provides camaraderie and accountability.

Room for Improvement

While the course is comprehensive overall, there are a few areas that could be improved or expanded on:

  • Advanced Facebook ads training – More training could be provided on leveraging Facebook to drive targeted subscribers.
  • Data analysis – Additional lessons on using analytics to fine-tune and optimize campaigns could be helpful.
  • Scaling through outsourcing – Besides automation, more guidance on how to leverage freelancers to grow the business could add value.
  • Refreshing outdated material – Some bonus modules feel dated and could be updated with newer examples and strategies.
  • Email copywriting – Including more tutorials specifically focused on writing effective promotional emails could make campaigns more profitable.
  • Mobile optimization – Covering optimizing emails and funnels for mobile could help improve conversions.

Who It’s For

Igor Kheifets’ Email Farming System is a fit for:

  • Beginners who want step-by-step guidance on launching their first profitable email funnel. The over-the-shoulder style is perfect for new email marketers.
  • Affiliate marketers who want to leverage email to drive commissions by promoting offers to their own audience rather than rented traffic sources.
  • Entrepreneurs and solo business owners who want to build an engaged email subscriber base.
  • Anyone looking for hands-on email marketing training rooted in real-world profit results.

The self-paced online course format makes it accessible for any schedule. No particular tech skills or prerequisites required.


At full price, the Email Farming System course is $8,997.

For the launch period, Igor is offering a steep discount bringing the price down to $997.

Considering the potential to build a 5, 6 or even 7-figure per year passive income stream from email marketing, the investment is well worth it if you take action on what you learn.

You’d spend far more than $997 just on paid advertising to try generating the same results on your own through trial and error.

Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive email marketing training from beginner to advanced
  • Hands-on experience through 30-day challenge
  • Easy to understand for non-technical people
  • Done-for-you funnel templates to get started quickly
  • Very affordable during launch period
  • Taught by experienced successful email marketer


  • Light on copywriting training
  • Some outdated bonus content
  • Relies heavily on affiliate promotions over other monetization
  • More training needed on analytics and optimization


Igor Kheifets’ Email Farming System is one of the top courses available today for learning hands-on email marketing skills.

The step-by-step daily challenge takes beginners from zero to launching a profitable campaign in 30 days.

Igor’s enthusiastic teaching style and real-world examples make the training very engaging and approachable.

While some bonus content could use updating, and some additional lessons on optimization would be beneficial, the core course provides tremendous value.

At the current launch price of $997, this is a bargain for unlocking the passive income potential of email marketing.

If you want to tap into Igor’s years of experience and have him hold your hand as you get started, the Email Farming System course is highly recommended.

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Igor Kheifets – Email Farming System
Igor Kheifets – Email Farming System
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Igor Kheifets – Email Farming System

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