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Gusten Sun – Fulltime Funnel Designer 3.0

Gusten Sun’s Fulltime Funnel Designer 3.0 course teaches you to become a funnel expert and build a lucrative online agency. With 6 phases of training, done-for-you assets, community support, and weekly live coaching, you’ll learn to launch and grow a successful funnel business. The comprehensive course provides everything you need to succeed as a funnel professional.

Become a Funnel Expert with Gusten Sun’s Fulltime Funnel Designer 3.0

Fulltime Funnel Designer 3.0 is an online course by Gusten Sun that teaches you how to become an expert in building high-converting sales funnels. With this course, you can start and grow a lucrative online funnel design business.

Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for:

  • Funnel designers, builders, copywriters, and business owners who work with clients
  • Freelancers and agencies looking to improve their own or client funnels
  • Experts, CEOs, coaches, and influencers who want to grow their business

It’s for anyone who understands the power of optimized funnels and wants the skills to build them.

What you will learn

The course is structured into 6 phases to take you from beginner to expert:

Phase 1: Funnel Agency Foundations

You’ll learn:

  • The $100K roadmap
  • How to pick a niche
  • The 10 main funnel types
  • 4 active income streams
  • The Funnel Agency Fastlane

Phase 2: Launch Your Agency

You’ll learn to launch your agency by:

  • Creating a high ticket offer system
  • Pricing your services
  • Building your core funnel
  • Launching your portfolio
  • Optimizing your profile

Phase 3: Lead Gen Mastery

You’ll learn unlimited lead generation with:

  • Lead gen strategies
  • Finding the best leads
  • Lead gen content plan
  • Personal branding

Phase 4: Client Mastery

You’ll master closing deals and onboarding with:

  • DM closing scripts
  • Objection handler scripts
  • Client onboarding forms

Phase 5: Funnel Mastery

Become a funnel master with:

  • Conversion checklists
  • Design hierarchy
  • Building processes
  • Split testing

Phase 6: Scale with Systems

Take your business to the next level by learning:

  • Automation tools
  • What and when to scale
  • Avoiding common mistakes

What’s included in the course

You get lifetime access to:

  • Weekly live Q&A coaching calls
  • Private Facebook community
  • 60+ done-for-you templates
  • Copywriting course
  • 7 figure funnel examples
  • Offer creation tools
  • 10 live funnel buildouts
  • Team training system
  • Monthly live funnel redesigns

Total value over $5,000. Available for $797 one-time or 3 payments of $397.

The course provides step-by-step training, community support, and done-for-you assets to help you succeed as a funnel expert. If you want to start or grow an agency, or optimize funnels for your own business, Fulltime Funnel Designer 3.0 has everything you need.

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Gusten Sun FullTime Funnel Designer 3.0
Gusten Sun – Fulltime Funnel Designer 3.0

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