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Greg Gottfried – YouTube Affiliate Masterclass

Greg Gottfried’s “YouTube Affiliate Masterclass” provides a comprehensive guide to affiliate marketing on YouTube. Learn key concepts, from choosing between on-camera and faceless videos to mastering legal and tax considerations. The course covers camera setup, video editing, and optimizing YouTube channel elements for success. Explore affiliate program selection, video creation tips, and post-production strategies. Gain insights into increasing affiliate commissions and managing expectations. Access valuable FAQs and real-world examples to enhance your affiliate marketing journey on YouTube.

Greg Gottfried – YouTube Affiliate Masterclass


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

On-Camera vs. Faceless Affiliate Videos

Why YouTube Is the Best Platform for Affiliate Marketing

YouTube Affiliate Marketing Business Model Overview

Legal & Taxes FAQ

Types of Affiliate Programs (My Personal Suggestions)

Picking a YouTube Channel Topic

What Kind of Videos to Make (Video Titles & Buyer Cycle)

Risks of YouTube Affiliate Marketing

Video Camera Setup Overview

Beginner Camera Setup

Intermediate Camera Setup

Advanced Camera Setup

Camera Gear [Resource Sheet]

How to Create Your YouTube Channel & Name

How to Customize Your YouTube Channel

How to Join Affiliate Programs

How to Join Course Affiliate Program

Camera Video Recording Settings

YouTube Video Tips Before Recording

How To Make a Faceless Video

Watch These Example Videos First

Faceless Video Example (Physical Product)

Faceless Video Example (Digital Product)

How to Edit Your Videos for Free (Smartphone or Computer)

How to Transfer Your Video From Smartphone to Computer

How to Upload Your Video to Your YouTube Channel

How to Make a Custom Thumbnail

Successful Thumbnail Examples [Resource Sheet]

Best Video Title Format for Affiliate Marketing

Successful Title Examples [Resource Sheet]

Best Video Description Format for Affiliate Marketing

How to Add Custom Tags to Your Video

Bonus Trick to Make Your Video Perform Better

How to Increase Affiliate Commissions After Publishing Video

Mindset & Expectation Management

Behind the Scenes: One of My Personal Channels

Successful Video Examples [Resource Sheet]

FAQ: How to Have Credibility in Videos if You’re a Beginner?

FAQ: What Niche Should You Start With?

FAQ: What if My Niche Is Competitive?

FAQ: What Are Affiliate Networks?

FAQ: Do I Need Separate Amazon Affiliate Accounts?

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