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Frank Kern – Stefan Georgi – The Ads Madness Masterclass

The Ads Madness Masterclass is a 3-day live training by marketing experts Frank Kern and Stefan Georgi. You’ll learn step-by-step systems for generating endless profitable ad ideas, writing high-converting copy, and launching campaigns that scale. This masterclass condenses decades of ads expertise into an actionable blueprint for your business.

Frank Kern – Stefan Georgi – The Ads Madness Masterclass

What You Get


The Ads Madness Masterclass (TAMM) is a 3-day live online training taught by legendary marketers Frank Kern and Stefan Georgi.

In this masterclass, Frank and Stefan will teach you their proven frameworks for generating endless profitable Facebook and YouTube ad ideas and hooks. You’ll learn how to turn those ideas into high-converting ads and campaigns.

Even if you’re new to Facebook ads, this masterclass will give you the skills and knowledge needed to start profitably scaling your ads.

Day 1

On the first day of TAMM, you’ll get:

  • Stefan’s 9 Step Framework for coming up with unlimited ad ideas and hooks. This framework works for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, email, and more.
  • 7+ over-the-shoulder examples of Stefan and Frank using the framework live in niches like:
    • Professional services
    • SaaS
    • Health supplements
    • Dating/relationships
    • High ticket coaching
    • Lead gen
  • Frank’s Mad Scientist Media Buyer Blueprint that covers:
    • How to structure your Facebook ads account
    • When to use different ad objectives
    • How Frank leverages machine learning to outscale competitors
  • An inside look at how Frank has profitably run a $4 offer to cold traffic for over a year
  • The “FAQ-Bridge Strategy” top brands use to rapidly create hooks and mini-leads
  • Q&A to get your most pressing questions answered

Day 2

On the second day, you’ll learn:

  • Live breakdowns of the most popular ad types working right now on Facebook and YouTube, including:
    • Contrarian ads
    • Direct value prop ads
    • Comparison ads
    • ERM ads
  • Frank’s legendary Educational Ad Framework – a templatized structure for selling high-ticket offers
  • More live Q&A with Stefan and Frank

Day 3

The final day is all about implementation. You’ll:

  • Review everything covered so far
  • Do “sprint sessions” to create hooks, write ads, and set up campaigns
  • Get live feedback from Stefan and Frank on your ads
  • Celebrate your new skills!


In addition to the live trainings, you’ll also get:

  • Recordings of the 3 training sessions
  • Access to a private member’s area
  • Frank’s secrets for profitable retargeting
  • Chance to get your ads reviewed by Stefan and Frank

Key Takeaways

By the end of TAMM, you’ll be able to:

  • Generate unlimited, high-converting ad ideas using proven frameworks
  • Write ads that captivate and convert cold traffic
  • Set up profitable Facebook and YouTube campaigns
  • Scale your ads rapidly using expert strategies
  • Implement retargeting campaigns that make more sales
  • Get started with Facebook ads even if you’re a beginner
  • Access a thriving community of fellow ad experts

You’ll come away from this masterclass with step-by-step blueprints for profitably scaling your ads from two masters of the craft.

Who’s Behind TAMM?

TAMM is taught by legendary marketers Frank Kern and Stefan Georgi.

Frank Kern

Frank Kern is one of the biggest names in online marketing. He’s been selling online since 1999 and generated tens of millions in sales for himself and clients.

Some key things to know about Frank:

  • Built several successful agencies and sold millions in products/services
  • Considered a master of systems, processes and automation
  • Profitably runs a $4 cold traffic offer that’s made him millions
  • Has an authoritative yet approachable teaching style

Stefan Georgi

Stefan Georgi is one of the top direct response copywriters alive today. He’s generated over $1 billion in sales for himself and clients.

Some key things about Stefan:

  • Writes sales copy for big names like Mike Tyson, Tony Horton, and MindValley
  • His copywriting course RMBC Method is considered the gold standard
  • Runs a $17k – $40k/year copywriting mastermind
  • Specializes in writing high-converting, captivating copy

Together, Frank and Stefan have a proven track record of generating outrageous results. This masterclass lets you tap into their decades of expertise.

How TAMM Delivers Insane Value

Normally, a course of this caliber would cost upwards of $1000.

Consider that:

  • Frank’s trainings can cost thousands of dollars
  • Stefan’s RMBC Method course is $997
  • Stefan’s mastermind costs up to $40k per year

Yet, TAMM is available for the discounted price of just $397.

You get 20+ hours of live training from two experts with rates normally in the thousands.

This is an unbelievable value.

And on top of the live sessions, you get:

  • Recordings of all 3 trainings
  • Access to a private member’s community
  • Chance to get personal feedback from Frank and Stefan

TAMM condenses decades of expertise into 3 information-packed days.

You’ll get hands-on training addressing every step of the ads process – nothing is held back.

The frameworks alone are worth 10X the investment. Not to mention the ad examples, campaign breakdowns, and personal access to Frank and Stefan.

Who Should Take TAMM?

TAMM is perfect for:

  • Business owners – Generate more leads & sales through profitable paid ads
  • Marketers – Level up your FB/YouTube ad skills to advance your career
  • Agencies – Learn proven systems to get better results for clients
  • Affiliates – Drive more conversions from your promos and offers
  • Coaches / Consultants – Attract high-paying clients at scale

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll come away with transformational skills.

TAMM accelerates your success through expert training.

The Details

  • Dates: August 8th, 9th & 12th
  • Time: 1PM Pacific
  • Format: Live via Zoom

Can’t make a live session? No problem! Replays will be provided.

Ready for Ads Madness?

Do you want to reach the next level with your Facebook and YouTube ads?

Be part of this once-in-a-lifetime masterclass led by legendary marketers Frank Kern and Stefan Georgi.

You’ll get their proven systems and strategies for profitably scaling ads.

Spots are limited for TAMM. Grab yours today before the price increases!

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Frank Kern – Stefan Georgi – The Ads Madness Masterclass
Frank Kern – Stefan Georgi – The Ads Madness Masterclass

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