For VIP members, only VIP Courses are free. You can find all VIP Courses here.

Group Buy Courses involve collective buying, where courses are offered at significantly reduced prices, provided that a minimum number of buyers commit to the purchase.

Group Buy courses are labeled with “(Group Buy)” in the title. If a course does not have this label, it is a VIP course and is free for members.

Accessing your Group Buy course typically takes between 6 to 24 hours, depending on your timezone.

All courses are stored on Mega.nz

We recommend using JDownloader for downloading from Mega.nz. If you encounter download limits and wish to bypass them, there are several methods available. Simply search for “How to bypass Mega.nz limits” on Google for detailed instructions.

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Here’s a step-by-step guide to access the original link:

  1. Copy the href.li link: For example, you might have a link like https://href.li/?http://example.com.
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  3. Remove the href.li part: Delete everything before the ?. In this example, you would remove https://href.li/?.
  4. Hit Enter: The remaining URL, http://example.com, is the original link you need to access. 

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Definitely! We understand the importance of having complete confidence in the courses available on our site. If you require additional proof of downloads for any of our courses, we are more than happy to provide them. 

You can submit your course requests on our course request page.

We do not offer refunds. You joined for a reason, so make the most of it and start downloading the courses!