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Duston McGroarty – Domain Flipping Masterclass

The Domain Flipping Masterclass teaches how to buy overlooked domain names for cheap and quickly resell them for big profits. Learn to identify hidden gem domains, flip them in under 24 hours, and sell for $1000+ without needing a website, email list, or any experience. A simple strategy perfect for beginners to build a hands-off income stream.

What You Get

The Domain Flipping Masterclass course teaches you how to buy and quickly resell domain names for big profits.


  • Learn how to find overlooked “diamonds in the rough” domain names
  • Turn an $8 domain into $1000+ in less than 24 hours
  • Perfect for beginners – no experience needed
  • Use free and inexpensive tools and software
  • No need for a website, email list, or talking to people

How It Works

The strategy is similar to house flipping in real estate. But instead of houses, you buy and quickly resell domain names.

  • Focus is on speed – flip domains in under 24 hours
  • Avoid “premium” domains that have lots of competition
  • Find hidden gems – domains in overlooked niches that people will still pay big money for
  • Buy domains for $8 or less, sell for $1000+ the same day

Domain Selection

Choosing the right domain is key, just like in real estate.

  • Learn how to identify domains worth flipping
  • Use a special criteria to spot “diamonds in the rough”
  • Buy in micro-niches and categories people overlook
  • Examples: pets, hobbies, health conditions

Selling Your Domains

Discover how to easily find buyers willing to pay top dollar.

  • Build a process to identify ideal buyers
  • Learn tactics to connect with buyers and close sales fast
  • Sell domains for well above your purchase price
  • Complete sales entirely online – no need to talk to anyone


With this course you can:

  • Get started with zero experience
  • Use free and cheap tools to find domains
  • Buy domains for $8, sell for $1000+
  • Flip domains in under 24 hours
  • Avoid competitive niches
  • Build a hands-off income stream

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