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Dara Denney – Performance Creative Master Course

Dara Denney – Performance Creative Master Course is categorized as “Creative Strategy and Marketing.” It offers a comprehensive guide to understanding and implementing effective creative strategies for marketing campaigns. The course includes modules on creative strategy research, analyzing competitors’ creative content, consumer psychology and messaging, creative formats that convert, and tools used by creative strategists. It also covers building an in-house user-generated content (UGC) team, managing creative projects, testing and analyzing creatives, and tracking key metrics for campaign success. Participants will gain valuable insights into developing and optimizing creative marketing strategies.

Dara Denney – Performance Creative Master Course

What You Get:

Introduction: Welcome!

  • A personal note from Dara
  • How to get the most out of this course…

Creative Strategy Research

  • Why is creative strategy research SO important?
  • How to Conduct a Reputation Analysis
  • How to Mine Customer Testimonials
  • Golden Nugget Reviews: The Secret Sauce to Creative
  • How to Analyze Your Competitors’ Creative THE RIGHT WAY
  • How to Quickly Analyze Past Performance
  • How to Present Your Creative Strategy Research to Your Team

Creative Formats That Convert

  • How to Use This Section + Notion Guide
  • The 10 Creative Formats to Test First
  • 10 UGC Strategies That Convert
  • 15 Creatives for Service Businesses, B2B, and Info Products

Consumer Psychology and Messaging That Converts

  • Overview
  • The 16 Human Desires
  • Advertising Strategies That Scale (How to Take Big Swings with Your Creatives)
  • Copywriting That Converts: Primary Text

The Creative Strategist Toolkit

  • The Tools I Use Everyday as a Creative Strategist

How to Build an In-House UGC Team

  • Overview
  • How to Write a UGC Brief that Results in Winning Creative
  • How to Source UGC Creators
  • How to Build an In-House UGC Team

The Creative Project Workflow

  • An Overview of The Creative Process
  • How I Use Trello as My Project Management Tool
  • The Creative Roadmap: How to Track Your Creative Pipeline
  • How to QA Your Creatives

How to Test Your Creatives

  • Naming Conventions (Surprisingly important!)
  • How to Make a Creative Testing Framework
  • How to Test Creatives (TWO DIFFERENT METHODS!!)

How to Analyze Creatives (Advanced)

  • Overview: My Creative Analytics Cheatsheet
  • The Key Metrics You Need to Track (and my take on attribution softwares)
  • The Reports You Need to Be Running Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly
  • How to Lead a Creative Retro with Your Team (Slide deck!)

What’s next?

  • Iterations to Make When You Find Winners and Losers

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Dara Denney Performance Creative Master Course
Dara Denney - Performance Creative Master Course

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