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Dan Vas – Ecom Freedom Shopify Blueprint

Dan Vas – Ecom Freedom Shopify Blueprint is a comprehensive video course teaching you how to build a profitable Shopify business from scratch. It provides a complete walkthrough of a real store built to over $100k/month by Shopify expert Josh Bak. You’ll learn proven strategies for product research, store setup, Facebook ads, scaling, and fulfillment automation. Everything you need to launch a successful Shopify store.

Building a Successful Shopify Store from Scratch

The Ecom Freedom Shopify Blueprint is an in-depth video course that teaches you how to build a profitable Shopify store from the ground up. Created by Shopify millionaire Josh Bak, this course provides a complete walkthrough of a store he built to over $100k in monthly revenue.

Course Overview

This course covers every aspect of creating a successful Shopify business. You’ll learn:

  • Product research – How to find profitable product ideas and validate demand.
  • Store setup – Step-by-step store buildout instructions.
  • Facebook ads – Live walkthrough of ad campaigns and strategies.
  • Scaling the business – Growing from a few sales a day to $100k+/month in revenue.
  • Automation & fulfillment – Streamlining order processing and fulfillment.

Key Topics Covered

Product Research

  • Evaluating market demand and competition
  • Finding untapped niche markets
  • Validating product ideas

Store Setup

  • Registering your store domain
  • Installing themes and apps
  • Designing your store layout
  • Configuring settings and policies

Facebook Advertising

  • Setting up ad accounts and campaigns
  • Crafting compelling ad creative
  • Advanced interest and lookalike targeting
  • Optimizing for conversions

Scaling the Business

  • Retargeting customers
  • Expanding to new ad platforms
  • Managing cash flow and inventory
  • Streamlining fulfillment


  • Using apps to automate customer service
  • Setting up email sequences
  • Automating order processing
  • Outsourcing fulfillment

What You’ll Learn

By the end of the course, you’ll have all the knowledge and strategies needed to successfully build your own profitable Shopify business from the ground up.

Specific skills you will learn include:

  • Finding profitable niche markets with hungry buyers
  • Validating product-market fit
  • Building a high-converting store
  • Crafting winning ad creative that converts
  • Advanced Facebook ad targeting for conversions
  • Optimizing campaigns to scale orders
  • Managing inventory and cash flow
  • Automating order fulfillment
  • Providing excellent customer service

Who It’s For

This course is perfect for anyone interested in starting an ecommerce business on Shopify. No prior experience required.

It’s designed specifically for:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Ecommerce newcomers
  • Shopify store owners
  • Marketers looking to expand to ecommerce
  • Small business owners

Why It Works

The Ecom Freedom Shopify Blueprint provides a proven formula for ecommerce success.

It walks you through the exact same systems and strategies Josh used to build multiple 7-figure Shopify stores.

By showing real examples from a successful store, you’re able to model what works instead of guessing.

You get to look inside a winning Shopify business and learn the secrets behind its success.

If you want to shortcut the learning curve and increase your chances of building a profitable Shopify store, this comprehensive blueprint course is for you.


The Ecom Freedom Shopify Blueprint provides a clear roadmap for ecommerce success on Shopify.

It’s one of the most complete Shopify courses available, taking you from product selection to launch and beyond.

With the proven strategies and systems taught, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to build your own thriving Shopify business.

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Dan Vas – Ecom Freedom Shopify Blueprint

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