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Dan Henry – Legacy University

Dan Henry – Legacy University provides training and an online community for building successful digital businesses. Members get access to live Q&As, marketing courses, and collaboration with experienced entrepreneurs. The goal is financial freedom through selling online products like courses and coaching. Legacy University teaches both marketing strategies and the mindset to become a thriving digital entrepreneur.

Dan Henry – Legacy University Course Review

Dan Henry’s Legacy University is an online course that teaches people how to build a successful digital business and leave a lasting legacy. The core premise is that collaborating and sharing knowledge within a like-minded community is the most effective way to build a profitable online business.

Course Overview

The course is presented through a sales page that encourages readers to join the waitlist for the Legacy University community. It shares the following key details about what membership includes:

  • Access to an elite community of ambitious digital entrepreneurs
  • A platform for members to share what’s working in their businesses now
  • Monthly live Q&A sessions with founder Dan Henry
  • Cutting-edge training on digital marketing tactics
  • Unlimited access to Dan Henry’s library of courses
  • Bonus courses covering high-ticket selling, productivity, and more

The goal of Legacy University is to provide a collaborative community where members support each other in building successful digital businesses and leaving a lasting legacy for their families.

What You Will Learn

By joining Legacy University, members will:

  • Learn effective digital marketing strategies from experts
  • Get feedback and troubleshooting for their business
  • Access an extensive library of training courses
  • Make valuable connections with other entrepreneurs
  • Adopt a millionaire mindset
  • Create high-converting offers
  • Use digital products to achieve financial freedom

The training covers all aspects of launching and growing a profitable online business including mindset, offer creation, traffic generation, sales, and scaling.

Course Sections

Though full curriculum details aren’t provided, based on the sales page these are the key areas covered:


  • Elite network of ambitious entrepreneurs
  • Platform for real-time collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Reward system for member contributions
  • Monthly live Q&A with founder Dan Henry
  • Unparalleled support and networking opportunities


  • Live workshops on latest digital marketing tactics
  • Access to extensive course library ($10k+ value)
  • Cutting-edge insights on AI marketing, offer creation, etc.
  • Courses on high-ticket selling, productivity, books, etc.


  • Taking 100% ownership over results
  • Embracing constructive feedback
  • Unlearning societal conditioning
  • Focusing on offer over everything else
  • Supporting fellow members

What’s Included

Legacy University members get:

  • Entry to private community platform
  • Attendance at live training workshops
  • Access to course library (previously sold for $10k+)
  • Monthly live Q&A with founder Dan Henry
  • Bonus courses on high-ticket selling, productivity, etc.
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities
  • Cutting-edge training on digital marketing
  • Support and feedback from fellow members
  • Recognition for contributing value to community

The platform provides the tools and environment for sharing knowledge, collaborating, and supporting each other.

Who Is Dan Henry?

Dan Henry is the founder of Legacy University and an 8-figure digital entrepreneur. He started from nothing and has built multiple successful companies online, generating over $15 million in revenue.

Some key facts about Dan:

  • Went from “poorhouse to penthouse” after unlearning societal conditioning
  • Has created multiple courses that have sold for $10,000+
  • Helped thousands of students earn 6-figures and 100+ become millionaires
  • Hosts live training workshops and Q&A sessions for Legacy University
  • Passionate about collaboration and community over guru-centered teaching

With his extensive experience and results, Dan is well-positioned to teach others how to achieve similar success in digital business.

Who Is It For?

Legacy University is ideal for:

  • Aspiring digital entrepreneurs – those looking to build an online business for the first time.
  • Existing business owners – who want to improve their digital marketing skills.
  • Coaches / consultants – who want to package their expertise into digital products.
  • Network marketers – seeking better marketing and sales training.
  • Affiliate marketers – wanting to create their own digital products.
  • Corporate professionals – looking to start a side business online.

Anyone interested in achieving financial freedom and leaving a legacy through digital entrepreneurship would benefit from the community and training.

Pros & Cons


  • Taught by successful founder Dan Henry
  • Focused on mindset shifts as key to success
  • Extensive training library included
  • Interactive community for sharing knowledge
  • Live Q&A with expert access
  • Bonus courses on productivity, sales, etc.
  • Ongoing cutting-edge digital marketing training


  • No detailed curriculum provided
  • Pricing not disclosed upfront
  • Sales page doesn’t showcase student results
  • Relies heavily on founder Dan Henry
  • Requires active participation to get full value


Legacy University offers digital entrepreneurs access to an elite community, extensive training library, and ongoing education from experts – all aimed at helping members build successful online businesses.

While the sales page lacks pricing transparency and curriculum details, founder Dan Henry’s results and passion for collaboration make this an intriguing opportunity.

If you’re looking to connect with other ambitious entrepreneurs and stay on the cutting edge of digital marketing strategies, Legacy University may be worth joining. Just be prepared to actively participate to get the full experience and value.

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