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Codie Sanchez – Biz Buying Course Bundle

Codie Sanchez – Biz Buying Course Bundle Course provides a comprehensive 30-day roadmap for buying a profitable small business. Over 9 units, you will learn how to set goals, find motivated sellers, value businesses, negotiate deals, finance acquisitions, handle legal contracts, and operate the business post-acquisition. The course covers building a team, sourcing deals, selling yourself as a buyer, valuation methods, financing options, key legal documents, and priorities as a new owner.

Codie Sanchez – Biz Buying Course Bundle

What You Get

This course provides proven methods to find, analyze, buy, and build small businesses. Over 9 units and 1 hour per day for 30 days, you will learn how to become a dealmaker and buy a profitable small business.

Unit 1 – Intro to Buying a Business

In the introductory unit, you will:

  • Learn the pros and cons of buying a business
  • Understand why now is the time to buy a business
  • Build your team of advisors
  • Get prepared mentally and financially to buy a business

Unit 2 – What Type of Business?

Unit 2 focuses on:

  • Gaining clarity on your goals and objectives
  • Learning the characteristics to look for in a business
  • Understanding the models of service, product, and system businesses
  • Learning the 5 worst and best types of businesses to buy

Unit 3 – Finding the Business

To find the right business, this unit covers:

  • Targeting motivated sellers
  • Leveraging your network and community
  • Building your personal brand
  • Reaching out cold to businesses
  • Looking at enough businesses to find the right one

Unit 4 – Selling Yourself

You will learn how to sell yourself as the buyer:

  • Communicating your unique skillset
  • Highlighting your track record
  • Explaining how the seller benefits
  • Roleplaying the first meeting

Unit 5 – Valuing the Business

This unit explains how to value a business:

  • Walking through a case study
  • Using the KISS method
  • Understanding common valuation methods
  • Doing due diligence on the finances

Unit 6 – Negotiating the Deal

You will learn negotiation tactics:

  • Seller needs analysis
  • Using price and terms as levers
  • Bringing the right documents to the table
  • Structuring a competitive offer

Unit 7 – Financing the Deal

Financing options covered include:

  • Owner financing
  • SBA lending
  • Alternative lending sources
  • Equity partnerships and profit sharing

Unit 8 – Legal and Contracts

Key legal topics include:

  • Financial oversight and access
  • Important legal documents

Unit 9 – First 90 Days as Owner

The final unit covers:

  • Holding employee meetings
  • Hiring operators
  • Priorities for the first 30-60-90 days

This course provides a clear roadmap for successfully buying a profitable small business in just 30 days. The proven methods teach you how to find, value, negotiate, finance, and operate a newly acquired business.

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Codie Sanchez – Biz Buying Course Bundle
Codie Sanchez – Biz Buying Course Bundle

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