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Chase Reiner – Fortune Bots

Chase Reiner – Fortune Bots course is an eight-week program that falls under the category of “Digital Marketing and Automation.” It covers various aspects of digital marketing, including software setup, affiliate offers, landing page optimization, and email marketing techniques. Participants will learn about proxies, automatic captcha solving, and effective strategies for promoting products and services. The course concludes with an open Q&A session for troubleshooting and clarifications.

Chase Reiner – Fortune Bots

What You Get:

WEEK 1:  Overview and Program Setup – Getting Started with Software, Proxies, Basic Project Setup & Overview of Steps, VPS/RDP Setup, & more.

WEEK 2: General Project Setup – Redirect Links, Call To Action Strategy

WEEK 3: What to Sell – Services & Affiliate Offers

WEEK 4: Automatic Captcha Solving, Landing Pages

WEEK 5: Sending – Scraping Websites, Keywords, Buying Lists

WEEK 6: Landing Page Optimization, Message Optimization, Troubleshooting

WEEK 7: Filtering Auto Replies on your mailbox, Handling Opt Outs

WEEK 8: Open Q&A and Troubleshooting

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Chase Reiner Fortune Bots
Chase Reiner - Fortune Bots

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