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Bretty Curry (Smart Marketer) – Smart Amazon Ecommerce

Bretty Curry (Smart Marketer) – Smart Amazon Ecommerce course is about launching or scaling an ecommerce brand on Amazon and it falls under the category of Amazon marketplace and ecommerce. The course provides step-by-step instructions from Amazon expert Brett Curry on setting up a high-converting storefront, managing product logistics, and using advanced marketing tactics to succeed on Amazon. It covers crucial cornerstones of Amazon ecommerce, preparing a launch roadmap including keyword and competitor research, optimizing product listings, acquiring reviews, managing Amazon logistics and customer service, setting up an Amazon storefront, utilizing Amazon marketing tools such as sponsored ads, understanding key performance indicators (KPIs), conducting audits for account health and growth, and exploring advanced strategies like the Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) and Google to Amazon conversions. The course aims to help ecommerce brands add 10-15% revenue by leveraging the world’s largest ecommerce marketplace, Amazon.

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Bretty Curry (Smart Marketer) - Smart Amazon Ecommerce

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