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Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap – P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator

The Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator course provides a complete system for mastering virtual sales. Through 5 modules, you’ll learn lead generation, appointment setting, presenting, overcoming objections, closing techniques, and leveraging technology to sell and deliver policies remotely. Everything you need to successfully sell online.

What You Get

Module 1: The Presuppositional Playbook Psychology

  • Learn the 13 steps first appointment playbook to structure your sales interactions and get prospects to discover their problems and desire for solutions.
  • Use the Credibility Transfer and One Eyed Man principle to establish trust and authority.
  • Follow the Decision Matrix to identify and address the 4 key factors prospects consider when deciding to buy.
  • Apply the “golden thread of motivation” to keep prospects engaged throughout the sales process.
  • Use the first appointment one-sheet checklist to ensure your first appointments cover all the key steps.

Module 2: The Objection Exterminator

  • Learn the pre-emptive strike technique to predict and address objections before they arise.
  • Get the complete objection elimination playbook to overcome every conceivable objection.
  • Apply confirmation processes to reduce no-shows.

Module 3: Mastering “the Setup” and Your 2nd Appointment

  • Get presentation templates and scripts to deliver compelling second appointments.
  • Learn what to cover and what not to mention in second appointments.
  • Discover what to send (and not send) between appointments to maximize closing odds.

Module 4: Getting Them to Sign on the (Virtual) Line that Is Dotted

  • Learn processes for closing the deal with e-apps and follow up after application and approval.
  • Get training on virtual policy delivery to solidify sales and prevent chargebacks.

Module 5: Virtual Technology Made Easy

  • Find out the best apps for screen sharing and video conferencing.
  • Get tips on using webcams, phone cameras, office setup, and lighting.
  • Learn to use texting and group leverage (webinars).
  • Discover call and screen recording for compliance.

Bonus: Unlimited Facebook Annuity Lead Flow

  • Get access to a system for generating Facebook leads and appointments.


  • Email templates
  • Sample first appointments to watch
  • Presentation templates
  • Training on overcoming market rebound objection

The course provides comprehensive training and resources on the entire virtual sales process – from lead generation to closing deals remotely. The focus is on readability, actionable tactics, and proven best practices.

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Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator
Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap – P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator

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