You are currently viewing Beast Analytics – Get to Know (& Use the Sh+t Out of) GA4
Beast Analytics – Get to Know GA4

Beast Analytics – Get to Know (& Use the Sh+t Out of) GA4

The Get to Know (& Use the Sh*t Out of) GA4 course is designed to help individuals navigate and leverage the future of Google Analytics, known as GA4. The course provides step-by-step instructions on setting up GA4 properties and streams, establishing foundational elements such as internal traffic filters and cross-domain tracking, and understanding data retention. Participants will learn about enhanced measurement and how to create and modify events in GA4, both manually and using Google Tag Manager. The course also covers the primary and secondary navigation within GA4, including exploring the home dashboard, monitoring site stats with machine learning insights, analyzing advertising data, and understanding the various reports available. Advanced topics include leveraging BigQuery and Looker Studio for data analysis, incorporating Google Ads reports into navigation, using audience builder for segmentation, integrating Search Console data, and utilizing features like custom funnels, user flows, and user explorer. By the end of the course, participants will feel confident in collecting accurate data and utilizing the new features and functionalities offered by GA4. The course includes video lessons, written instructions, worksheets for streamlined work, and access to a community of course members.

Beast Analytics – Get to Know GA4

What You Get:

Getting Started with Google Analytics 4

  • Welcome! Let’s do this thang 🤘🔥
  • Property & Stream Setup
  • Setting the Foundation of GA4 (Internal Traffic Filters, Cross-Domain Tracking, Data-Retention, etc)
  • The Skinny on GA4 Foundations!
  • Turning off Auto-Migration

Creating and Passing Events

  • An Overview of Enhanced Measurement
  • What Events Should You Be Tracking?
  • How to Create Events in GA4 (Ex. Tracking Email Clicks)
  • How to Create GA4 Events Using Tag Manager (Ex. Newsletter Signup)
  • Modifying Events in Platform
  • Tools for Documentation

Platform Overview – Primary Navigation

  • GA4 vs Universal Analytics (the where’s where)
  • An Overview of the New Navigation in GA4
  • Primary Navigation > Home (GA4’s Truck Stop)
  • Insights – Monitoring Site Stats with Machine Learning
  • Primary Navigation > Explore
  • Primary Navigation > Advertising (DON’T SKIP, ORGANIC PEEPS!)

The Reports – Secondary Navigation (Post-Jun 2023 Setup)

  • Post May 2023 Secondary Navigation Explainer
  • The Reports – Secondary Navigation (Pre-Jun 2023 Setup)
  • Reports Library – Creating Your Secondary Navigation
  • Secondary Navigation > Report Snapshot (The Overview of all Overviews)
  • Secondary Navigation > Acquisition Reports
  • Secondary Navigation > Engagement Reports
  • Secondary Navigation > Monetization Reports
  • Secondary Navigation > Retention Reports
  • Secondary Navigation > User & Tech Reports
  • Reporting on Enhanced Measurement Dimensions (Search Terms, Links, Videos, Files, etc)
  • How to Interact with Reports

Advanced Leverage of GA4

  • Getting Started with BigQuery
  • How to Use Looker Studio with BigQuery
  • Move Google Ads Report into Navigation
  • Using Audience Builder
  • Search Console Data in GA4

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Beast Analytics – Get to Know (& Use the Sh+t Out of) GA4

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