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Bastiaan Slot – Appointment Setter

Bastiaan Slot – Appointment Setter 2023 course trains individuals to become certified appointment setters and helps coaches/consultants install skilled setters, implement marketing strategies, and scale their business with the goal of increasing income and growth.

Bastiaan Slot – Appointment Setter

What You Get

We Help Beginners Become Certified Remote Setters & Coaches Scale To 7-8 Figures.. offers training programs for both individuals and business owners to improve their appointment setting and consulting skills.

For Individuals

The New Age Setter program trains individuals to become certified appointment setters so they can increase their income. You learn proven strategies to book more appointments and get placed with clients.

The training is extensive, with university-level coaching to ensure you are fully prepared before getting certified. Over 600 students have gone through the program already, with over 350 certified so far.

For Businesses

For coaches and consultants, helps you scale your business by providing:

  • Certified appointment setters – We can install skilled setters into your inbox within 1-2 weeks who are trained on your specific coaching process.
  • Proven marketing strategies – We have bulletproof tactics to build relationships with your audience and book more appointments.
  • Business operations – We help you track finances, performance metrics, and increase customer lifetime value.

The Elite Setter Accelerator is the flagship program that gets you a dedicated certified setter along with hands-on coaching to increase bookings and sales.

The annual Consulting Leaders Mastermind helps established industry leaders scale to 7-8 figures. We provide personal support to help your team hit $1-10 million per year.

The focus is on results through proven processes. has helped many clients achieve new income levels and business growth. Testimonials showcase individuals earning $10,000+ per month as setters, and businesses scaling from $0 to over $500,000 per month.

Get started now to join the appointment setting movement and elevate your results.

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Bastiaan Slot Appointment Setter 2023
Bastiaan Slot - Appointment Setter

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