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Alexunder Hess – The Landing Page Mastery

“The Landing Page Mastery” by Alexander Hess is a course in the category of “Web Design and Digital Marketing.” Participants receive full access to the course, which includes 15 powerful lessons and approximately 4 hours of valuable content. The course covers client communication, pricing strategies, marketing, copywriting, the 7-block structure of landing pages, an 8-step design process system, recommended typefaces for high conversions, development advice for non-developers, suggestions for development tools, and includes a Q&A session.

Alexunder Hess – The Landing Page Mastery


Full Access to the Course

15 Powerful Lessons

4 hours of Value 

Client Communication & Pricing

Marketing and Copywriting Secrets

7-Block Structure of the Landing Page

8-Step Design Process System

5 Best Typefaces for High Conversions

Development Advice for non-developers

Builders to use for development

A handy platform to watch the course

An invoice for you or your company

Q&A session

Sales Page