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Aidan Booth – Print & Profit

The Aidan Booth – Print & Profit course teaches how to sell your own branded products online without inventory. A US company handles fulfillment so you never touch products. The training shows how to identify passionate niche markets, leverage traffic from major marketplaces, and use private software to automate the process. It includes case studies proving total beginners can succeed fast.

What You Get

You Can Sell Your Own Branded Products Online

  • Sell your own branded products without buying inventory upfront or dealing with suppliers
  • Not regular dropshipping – you actually build your own products and brand
  • Avoid the obstacles and headaches of traditional private label selling

A US Company Handles Fulfillment

  • A US company prints, stores, and ships your products directly to customers
  • You never see, touch, or deal with any inventory
  • Extremely easy, fast, and low cost compared to normal private label selling

Identify Passionate Customers

  • Easily find niche markets of people likely to buy your products
  • Often a niche related to your own interests and passions

Leverage Free Marketplaces

  • Use massive free marketplaces properly to drive targeted traffic
  • Training shows exactly how to tap into these marketplaces

Get Inspiring Case Studies

  • Case studies demonstrate how to realistically succeed with this system
  • Proven examples of total beginners generating sales

Access Private Software

  • Private software automates much of the process
  • Saves enormous time and effort compared to doing everything manually

Get Results Extremely Fast

  • Possible to get sales very quickly by taking action
  • Compliments other e-commerce businesses you may have
  • Doable even with just 60 minutes per day

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